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Praying to become
a Proverbs 31

Posted by Barbara Smith (BWSmith)
This message was originally posted on
Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web

Father, make me an excellent wife even if you give me no earthly husband. Let me remember I am your bride, Lord Jesus. Help me to understand my worth in your sight. (31:10)

Make me trustworthy Father, in my relationships, especially may I prosper those with whom I am closest (31:11-12)

God, help me to do good, to work and enjoy the tasks You set before me, even if the world dismisses them as menial. Give me a servant's heart, Lord. Keep me learning how to be a good steward so I can care of others. (31:13-15)

Teach me discernment to make wise choices in business and at home, so that I can be generous and anxious for nothing (31:16-21)

Give me the wit to care for myself and the will to care for those closest to me. (31:22)

May my organization skills and discipline enable others to serve You where You call them (31:23)

Keep me working, Father, and develop in me a variety of talents to prosper my family and the relationships in which You place. (31:24)

God, may I chose daily to put on garments of strength and dignity that YOU designed just for me. Let me remember that the strongest threads best woven with many tears, and that a sober-spirited woman is not a sourpuss, afraid to face the future You give me! (31:25)

Oh Lord, when I speak, may I speak in wisdom not folly. Please let the teaching of kindness be on my tongue! (31:26)

Heavenly Father, train my eyes to see what the needs of my own household are whether I am living alone or in a family or with my own husband and children. Make me contented. And busy at the duties that You have assigned me first at home and then outside as YOU enable. (31:27)

God, please make a woman with physical and spiritual children who rise up and bless me because of YOU. Whether or not you have given me a flesh and blood husband or the gift of singleness may I be a praise testimony to You -- may I please You first in all things. (31:28-29)

God, I know that as the years pass that any physical or intellectual charms are deceitful and outward beauty is unavailing, but I know God that a woman who fears the LORD, shall be praised. Make me that woman Father! (31:30-31)

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