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In the Midst of the Blackness
Posted by Barbara Smith (BWSmith)
This message was originally posted on
Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web

Depression. It is real God knows about depression and ofttimes HE has allowed the black clouds. In the midst of the blackness, HE is still shining - but HE wants us to see what is in our hearts and minds. Now, at some point we gotta take our focus OFF our spiritual and emotional shape and LOOK for the Lord. In the blackness can you praise HIM for being the Light that will overcome the darkness?

Try it: Lord I praise you that *no* darkness formed either within or without my mind and heart is bigger than You. I praise YOU that YOU will not stumble as YOU lead me out of the darkness and as I put my hand in YOUR hand Lord Jesus as I trace the imprint of the nails, I CHOOSE to say, "Thank you for taking my place on the CROSS, knowing centuries before that today I would languishing and hurting and almost overcome by the oppression of daily living."

Now, since you have been checked out by a Dr -- Follow what God did for Elijah who was exhausted in " well-doing": Sleep and eat and exercise and many women now are praying for you because we have been there and done what you are doing! THEN: Practice an attitude of GRATITUDE the belongings or people in your life that are driving you nuts are on loan from God.

Put the bricks down you CAN do it! Your enemy says you can't; you flesh says you don't really want to But Your Savior invites you to COME give HIM your load, learn from HIM. THINK about Jesus just now for a moment. I bet He found Galilee *really* depressing after an eternity past in heaven!

Things may have been bad for you and continue to be bad things may NEVER get "better." but Christ will never abandon you and HE has plans for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you! Also you will NEVER face the kind of test Christ went through on your behalf no matter how bad we hurt now and my dear friend, I struggle with depression too (and when I get depressed , I've been known to get mean --) Yours and my day to day responsibilities will never be as pressing as HIS -- certainly THAT is an item for praise!

Now, I'm gonna help you look for some Light, OK -- I'm gonna help you look in the same directions I have had to look:

  1. Joni Ereckson Tada will never walk can never drop to her knees or lift her hands in PRAISE. You and I can. She must depend on others for the most private and personal routines and you and I for now can care for ourselves. She can't decorate a cake for her husband's birthday and she can't have children. What has God done for you today? Maybe you didn't have to ask someone to help you with the private details of your personal hygiene. Maybe you have children and your husband has a job?

  2. Some women in Puerto Rico and Cuba lost everything they had, including spouses and children. They don't have a house to clean up Maybe today you didn't have to bury a still born child, or a parent? Maybe you have running water and even enough food for the rest of the day?

    You have a computer and access to how many women who read your post and were moved to pray. Some women in eastern Europe just lost their homes and are being driven into the mountainous regions of their nations as winter bears down on them.

    Look at your "mess" and do one thing. As God enables, do another. Close school if necessary for a few days until you get order you can live with. Repentance doesn't mean perfection and you may slide back into the darkness until you hit the stride for the day but God will lead you out and HE knows the anguish in your heart tell HIM now -- HE isn't about to back off from you after giving HIS Son on your behalf!

  3. Look into the faces of your children and remember that they are in your care, as you are in your Father's care. He will not let you fail He has trusted you and wants you to rely on Him. He doesn't want to hurt or frustrate you BUT He may let you wander in the desert until you come to HIM to show you the way out. Satan has asked to sift you and may be using your emotions to shake your confidence in your Savior But Jesus is praying for you, and *when* you have turned not if go and strengthen your brothers.

If I may conclude boldly, but it may help to look at an article I wrote on depression awhile back you're are not alone! http://www.chfweb.com/smith/depression.html

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