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Prayer for Submission ...
husband wants to stop homeschooling
Posted by Barbara Smith (BWSmith)
This message was originally posted on
Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web

I ask God right now for His indwelling Holy Spirit to calm you and comfort you. That HE bring you together with your husband so that you HEAR his concerns and that you both will listen to each other after listening to the LORD.

Your enemy would just love to drive a wedge in your marriage and encourage your children to swing on it.

Now -- May I encourage you both to consider what an education is and why you want your son to have one -- this may sound "Mickey Mouse"--but DON't skip over it because knowing what you want your children to know and why is an invaluable tool in evaluating education resources in the community, including homeschool stuff.

It is my humble belief that character training is the most important component of education -- how is your child's heart -- you must be praying for him wherever he is in school -- and you ARE responsible for his spiritual training WHEREVER God leads you to school -- So a legitimate question is always where will be the best place to train my child's character -- and sometimes God directs us to alternatives that are not initially what we want. REMEMBER, DANIEL PROSPERED IN BABYLON -- and NEHEMIAH was a godly man in treacherous circumstances -- and Esther rose to the occasion -- Our confidence is always in God, not in our home education program.

Enjoy the search -- and believe that God will direct your husband -- pray for him, and honestly consider what his hesitation is to homeschool -- esp. if perhaps there are things in you marriage that may be slightly askew -- The pressures of homeschooling can sometimes deplete our "charm," if you know what I mean.

And sleep -- rest that God is in control

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