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Posted by Barbara Smith (BWSmith)
This message was originally posted on
Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web

Barbara posted this prayer -- believing that God will give us victory -- in response to the question ..."I am judgmental and critical. How do I change?"

Lord I pray for this sister in Christ, whom You have gifted with clear vision about right and wrong God what a gift it is to know right from wrong.

And Father, thank you for nudging her to know her sights need realignment.

I pray for her and for myself and for others who see clearly our brother's specks to remember the logs in our own eyes. Father, that when we confront sin and failure in others, that we would remember first your kindness to us in not rewarding US with what we have earned!

When you give us the privilege of restoring one who has stumbled, we will exercise it with your restraining love as YOU have consistently rebuked us graciously and with respect.

Father, may this sister in Christ and I remember that whatever offense we encounter, it is no greater than ours against YOU. That a working sister in Christ who must put her children in day care is not a worse mom than I am who may have snapped at my child or snarled at my husband or grumped about my duties for the day.

Father, that my unsaved friend or family member is not a "worse" case than I who have presumed upon YOUR gracious forbearance. May I remember and may this sister in Christ remember that unless You move in that loved one's life, they will spend eternity separated from You in everlasting torment. May that thought sober both of us and make us relinquish comments or actions that might harden their hearts against You. Father, make us STOP expecting non-Christians to behave like Christians, especially when she and I fail to love with Your heart and work in YOUR strength:

When we who know better fail to act like Christians

When I see children, whose parents have failed to teach, may I remember that Christ had little brothers and sisters and He lived in a village and then moved among throngs in Jerusalem and bade the children come and I bet some of them were dirty and noisy and ill-behaved. May this sister in Christ and I and other black and white-ers out there remember that YOU gave Your son as ransom for their lives. If they mean that much to YOU, dear God, may we appropriate YOU spirit to cherish them. May we use our high resolution sight to do what Jesus would have done: to seek and to serve the lost.

I also think Galatians 6:1-6 is good camping ground, and when in a quandry, praying through Colossians 1:9-12 defuses squirrely, judgmental thoughts.

Pray for me too -- because I engage my mouth without connecting my heart and brain too often!

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