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Teach Me Lord
That I May Teach ...

(or what we learned thinking
we were homeschooling the kids.)

[Teach Me Lord That I May Teach ...]

"A Collection of Lessons Sometimes Learned the Hard Way"

This book is about lessons learned homeschooling. Often the most painful lessons are the most profitable. No corner is so dark, the Lord doesn't light the way out. May those who read this see the goodness of Jesus Christ.

  • Character Training -- THEIRS
    Built Any Altars Lately?
    Would Your Kids Go West with You?

  • Character Training -- MINE
    How Do You Face an Invading Army with a $3 Defense Program?
    The Crown's Jewel

  • Character Flaws & More!
    "June Cleaver" Didn't Throw the Silverware
    Me, an Idol Worshipper?

"The Smith's book has been an inspiration for me to get into His Word more." -- Lynn, Homeschool Mom for 7 Years

"Many of the pieces will be wonderful for homeschooling parents -- encouraging, focusing, guiding. Your writing gets right at some essential issues and leads the reader to God's guidance." -- Terry Brandon, Trillium Enterprises, Inc.

"I've read your book ... several times. I've found the essays to be full of precious gems that all of us who home educate our children can relate to ... I would recommend your book to every homeschool parent, new and seasoned..." -- Kyra Cooper, editor, Christian Home Educators Network Newsletter

"A beautiful book encouraging us to look to the Lord for wisdom and strength! Those who are familiar with Barbara's postings (aka BWSmith) on the message boards will know what a valuable resource this book is for all homeschooling families." --Tamara Eaton, Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web (www.chfweb.com)

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Barbara & Douglas Smith
"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul ..."
Hebrews 6:19

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