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Barbara has had the privilege to "facilitate" a great group of young people writers for the coming millennium who are homeschooled. They produced a literary journal, of which Barbara is quite proud! This teaching opportunity has led to the point of this series of articles called Building Writers for the NEXT Millennium.

A Modest Outline for Writing a Composition, an Essay, a Paper, or the Great American Novel
by Barbara Smith
Open your eyes your ears wake up your heart and crank on your mind -- but not so wide that your brains fall out! Every idea is not always worth the effort of developing. One Person will always be there as you think, research and reflect upon your work. Always seek first the Lord Jesus's direction.
Uploaded on 9 December 1999


Raising Writers at Home
by Barbara Smith
This is the text of a talk given August 21, 1999 for Walkersville Christian Family School Homeschool Conference, Roxburty PA.
Uploaded on 27 August 1999

Teaching Writing and Living to tell about it?
by Barbara Smith
"How do we teach our children to *do* the very thing that paralyzes us? Memories of endless, cheerless grammar lessons, bewildering writing assignment and deadly topics for monotonous research papers flare up and scorch us."
Uploaded on 8 October 1998

Back to the Techniques of Teaching Writing
by Barbara Smith
"Children ARE impressed by seeing what their parents do. If you do not put a priority on learning, reading and writing -- neither will your kids."
Uploaded on 8 October 1998

Learning From Barbara's Mistakes
by Barbara Smith
"I have made a lot of mistakes teaching writing primarily jumping into elementary school lessons without properly reviewing what I was doing or why. DON'T DO THIS."
Uploaded on 8 October 1998




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